The Arena

Peony & Magnolia is one of the early adopters in a ground-breaking network of people and leaders from all walks of life who are striving to make the world a more inclusive place. Everything that P&M values, aligns with this networking community and we cannot wait to lead some interesting and engaging discussions in the future.

Employers’ Initiative on Domestic Abuse

Peony & Magnolia is a member of this growing network of both large and small businesses whose mission is to take action on domestic abuse, through raising awareness and ensuring employees have support channels and employers provide a culture of support and understanding.

Alice aligns Peony & Magnolia with the Herts Domestic Abuse Helpline as its chosen charity.

Inspiring Girls

Since 2019, Alice has been volunteering for Inspiring Girls events.

This initiative established in 2018 is aimed at Year 8 girls to inspire, motivate and guide them to understand that they will be faced with gender imbalance throughout their lives, it is sad fact that inequality exists on many levels, but it is how you respond that will make a difference.

This project is aimed at demonstrating that as a female you can have a career, family and simply be a role model to others in what you do. Through a few small actions you can empower others and have a big impact.

Since establishing Peony & Magnolia, Alice now talks about her own experiences of being a business owner and how you can lead by example and inspire others.

Hemel Hempstead Networking

Peony & Magnolia is a member of a local non-profit networking group. Alice attends these meetings and enjoys supporting SME’s, business owners and has invested her time to be part of a community in the county that P&M was founded.

The value of simply talking through current business problems, ideas and suggestions has been hugely beneficial in 2020.


We create bespoke solutions to your needs, we love a good HR conundrum and work in collaboration with our clients to solve it.


What motivates us? P&M’s, professional and personal contemplations, and reflections on the things which makes us put ‘pen to paper’.


Great things come from collaboration. So let's start with a conversation to understand what your issues are. You are welcome to our thoughts free of charge.

  • Alice is one of the most professional and competent HR directors I’ve had the pleasure of working with during my Executive Career. Her ability to manage the day to day along with challenging projects with great results is a key strength and I’d have no hesitation in recommending Alice to any organisation requiring her skills.

    Russell Ward Non-exec Chairman
  • Alice was a fantastic person to have as part of our team, demonstrating commitment and professionalism at all times. Alice is highly organised and works to deliver high results and she was integral in the development and success of our biggest account. After leaving Blue Arrow, Alice embarked on a career in HR and later became a client. As a HR professional, I was really impressed by the way she worked and it was a pleasure recruiting for her team. Alice is an exceptional HR Director and someone I highly recommend.

    Rachel Watson Senior Ops Manager
  • Anyone who works with Alice can attest to her efficient and effective communication, creative thinking, professional business acumen and ethical conduct. She is a highly engaged leader who is well regarded and valued.

    Kezia Downie Recruiter
  • I have worked with Alice on three separate occasions and would have no hesitation in working with, or for, her again. As a manager and colleague she is supportive and empowering always wanting to bring out the best in people and allowing people to grow. Knowledgeable about her subject, challenging inaccuracies or inappropriate practice appropriately when necessary, and always striving for a first class service. She is honest, approachable, highly respected with great integrity and always does her best for the employees as well as the company.

    Claire Childs Business Manager
  • I worked with Alice over several years dealing with some key workforce engagement issues from TUPE, Company restructuring and redundancy. Whilst working with Alice I found her to be a professional companionate dedicated individual, not only ensuring that the company complied with its legal requirements but always ensured that the welfare of our employees was at the forefront of decision making. Alice would be an asset to any company and future employers would be recruiting a remarkable individual.

    Martin Truman HSE Director