And breathe, a long deep one

I have been doing a lot of this recently, breathing with purpose and intent, writing learning logs and journalling thoughts after peer coaching sessions or after I have experienced something new. So much so, that these practices now have crept in and become habits, habits which I didn’t think I would ever fully get on board with, 5.30 alarms so I can sit in the dark of the winter mornings, stretching my body and mind. 

I am not the kind of person who does something ‘just because’, I care very little about the latest trends and have really become ok, with just being me. I do, however, fully immerse myself in whatever I am doing, which is why one of the biggest challenges for me, is time. In one of my own peer coaching sessions, I joked that I would have loved to have hidden away, somewhere remote for 6 months as I go through this learning experience, as I just wasn’t sure if I was giving it enough. 

Well, there pops up the perfectionist in me, and honestly, this ‘Mary Poppins style’ approach to being ‘practically perfect’ is a little exhausting. I do like the idea of adding a little magic and joy into life and this is exactly what I am discovering daily. I love learning and this investment is as much for me, as my future clients, unlocking something in me, that I knew was there all along, but just wasn’t ready to make an appearance. Quietly lurking in the shadows, slowing blooming like a peony! 

I will say I don’t feel like a coach. Which again with some reflection, is ridiculous. I have worked with people for decades, I have led teams and I work every day with leaders and their people, but I would never label myself a coach. In fact, up until I was sat in Happy Place in the summer, I had no intention of training as a coach, but then as always, fate guided me towards something that sparked my interest, really was a bit different, really fused several of the thoughts I had already had; that to impact and truly support people, we have to lean into a more holistic approach.  

What I have focused on so far, is shifting myself into a coaching mindset, I can be in so many other gears, not just when delivering HR to clients but running P&M and being in Mum mode, that I have really embraced slowing down. I have a busy diary and to add a layer of study into this, seems a little crazy, but I am doing it, I am organised, I have planned and created time, and being a little selfish for once, I am putting myself first. 

Having such a supportive group to be on this journey with is a huge part of the experience, learning from others, making new connections, and cheerleading every step forward we take, together. One of my favourite words is ‘Co-opetition’, and I can see many of us working together in the future to create a new approach to coaching, doing it the IPA way!