What We Deliver

Company Re-Structure

In today’s ever-changing market is your business fit for the next steps? If you are experiencing the growing pains, then you may need to consider if the core structure of your business is fit for growth. Are you considering mergers or acquisitions, are your core HR practices in place ready to support this? Retaining your talent through periods of change, taking your people along on your journey, is a measure of success.

The Nuts and Bolts to HR

The 3 P’s- Policy, Process and Procedures.

Solid and ethical employee contracts.

Fair and inclusive HR practices.

Listening to employee voice.

Leading by example.

HR System & Processes

Does your HRIS work for you? Are you able to glean key HR metrics and management information from it? Can you measure and track People trends in your business? Having a solid HR function, systems and process, is not only cost effective, it demonstrates how HR can add value.

Employee Relations

Rarely does Employee Relations get top billing, unless it begins to impact your business.  Managing grievances, listening to employee voice, showing continuous improvement within your workplace practices, will reduce down hostility. Is it worth the risk and cost not to listen to your people?

Our Values

To be Noble.

To always Persevere.

To empower and to be Empowered.

To always show Compassion.

Workforce Planning

Understanding your talent, skills and the impact of workforce planning is essential. People after all are your biggest investment and asset. Planning, designing a fair and inclusive organisation is the future of work.

Take your HR to the next level with Peony & Magnolia.