Dancing in the moonlight….

I can happily report that this months thoughts are being written in the warmth of the sun and I couldn’t be happier. 

Whilst talking to friends about the reality of juggling careers, family life and the added ‘end of term’ chaos they asked me what I did to make it look easy. 

Well firstly, it isn’t easy. For it all to work, requires really precise planning and we know that some of the best laid plans, don’t always come to fruition. 

I think how I manage these unexpected events, is actually the most important insight, one which I have purposely invested in over the last 12 months. 

I explained to my friends I start most days, sat outside with a hot lemon and honey and take time for me. Knowing this may be the only point in the day that is completely still, listening to the world wake up just helps me stay calm and face whatever comes along. 

So, maybe this month start the day saying Yes to you time, Yes to rest and Yes to being present. We know summer can get crazy for all sorts of reasons, so say Yes only to the things that add to creating memories.

Workplace Conflict

Workplace conflict emerged as the central focus of the CIPD Good Work Index. 

The findings revealed that over the last 12 months, employees reported that they have experienced conflict at work, had dropped from 30% to 25%. 

This sounds positive, until you read that those with protected characteristics were more severely impacted and are reporting lower job satisfaction, poorer mental health, and higher levels of exhaustion.

What does this tell us?

Maybe less people are speaking out, they are just walking away from conflict in the workplace, putting more pressure on their wellbeing. 

Maybe conflict has actually dropped and people are working in a more collaborative way, resolving through mediation?

Or perhaps those who need more support, who rely on others to help them support their voices, are being marginalised further?

At P&M, over the last 12 months, we have been asked to support difficult conversations, support workplace conflict and disputes, and help resolve ongoing people issues.

We like to continue to support leaders after these events, providing recommendations and supporting them to impact change, to avoid future conflict. Small actions today, can make a big impact in the future.

Imagine your workplace in 2034

1 in 5 CEO’s say that their organisation will not be economically viable within the next 10 years, if it were to stay on its current path. (PWC UK CEO Survey 2024)

So, not only is there a need to change (again) there is a need for workplaces to reinvent and kickstart growth and that change needs to begin today. 

The following would be at the top of our list

  • Organisational Design – get the fundamentals right, spend the time doing the thinking now. 
  • Informed decision making- we feel this is through a cocktail of data, right experience and following your intuition
  • Digital skills sets and knowledge- 68% of companies already state a lack of tech capability at present, how will you decrease this stat? 

What would be your top 3 within your organisation? 

P&M out and about…

This month here are some key events we will be at if you fancy a chat. 

Connect with us at CIPD Hertfordshire Branch event on the 8 July, discussing Business Partnering for Value, non members are welcome. 

P&M summer business reviews with Kate and Hannah, combines some wellbeing time, so if you do happen to bump into me at Champneys I may be a little zen but always happy to say hi. 

Or maybe our paths will cross at Happy Place Festival on 13 July, Chiswick House where I am looking forward to the Kirsty Gallagher workshop and just topping up the energy levels before the summer holidays kick in. 

Shhh.. a little bird heard moment is incoming…so keep an eye out for exciting news on the 11 July on the P&M LinkedIn page or Instagram.

Introducing The Peony Community

I am sure some of you know, I fall into the perfectionism/ procrastination cycle and when creating something new under the P&M model, well this amplifies. All past projects have been the same, Espresso and Playing with Hire are the proof of this! 

However, taking the positive from this, I feel that perfectionism drives my attention to detail, and this leads to high-quality outcomes. 

Procrastination allows time for reflection and it is when the P&M magic happens.  

Which is why I know that The Peony Community will be something worth waiting for. 

The vision: 

To create a community where people can access coaching support that is accessible, that creates a collective energy that ripples throughout peoples lives, now and in the future. 

The values: 

By combining P&M values into the community through ethical marketing, creating a pay if forward culture and most importantly making it accessible to many. 

Who it is for:

These sessions are open to anyone who feels they have lost their true, authentic voice. For whatever reason. Who may have muttered the words to themselves- Who the Funk am I? As an Intuitive Psychology coach, I will help you understand what sits in your unconscious, how this impacts the present and by bringing this into the light, supporting you to alchemies, create the sparks of life and return home to your true self. 

The launch: 

September 2024, both remote and face to face sessions, based in Hertfordshire. There will be options to invest from as little as 4 sessions, with payment options and flexibility around life. The waitlist is now open.

Access to Coaching in your workplace

I will be blending in coaching into the existing model of P&M. If you are interested in investing in coaching for you as a leader, or your team this can be through a project or retained basis. 

This is for workplaces who want to do it differently and truly invest in the wellbeing of their people, who are tired of vanilla approaches and are bold enough to be one of the first to add value.

This month’s favourites…


Sacred Seasons by Kirsty Gallagher

I read this book every month, I take what resonates but use as a great anchor to remind us of how seasonal cycles change. 

This week I replaced my peonies with sunflowers and then read the sentence that made me smile… ‘like sunflowers, turn your face to the sun and look for the light in every situation’ 

Untamed by Glennon Doyle  – this is one of the most honest books I have read and aligns so well with The Peony Community vision-  ‘Untamed explores the joy and peace we discover when we stop striving to meet the expectations of the world, and instead dare to listen to and trust in the voice deep inside us’ 


We Can do Hard Things.. Breaking generational cycles: embodiment & healing trauma with Prentis Hemphill 

This podcast aligns so well with how I have chosen to support others as an IPC. It is a great listen. 

Happy Place Podcast- Paloma Faith: Outspoken Women, fertility and MILFs

I would urge everyone to listen to this, I had to pause it a few times to really absorb some of the statements made, the expectations on women in society, how we make ourselves smaller or different is a conversation I am happy to debate on. Listen for yourself, your partners, your sisters, your daughter and for all the generations of women before them. 

Work with us…

The P&M model offers 12 days per month to client time. We will be on pause for some time in August and will be repositioning how we work from September onwards. If you would like to retain our HR services, we have just 4 days a month capacity available and would love to begin a new partnership as we celebrate 5 years of P&M. 

The Peony Community launches in September.

  1. Retained HR Leadership Work
  2. People Projects
  3. 1:1 Coaching – Peony Community 

Want to find out more about any of these areas, just click above to book in a call.

Please drop me a note if you’ve enjoyed anything in this email, or if you have any questions, or if just fancy a chat. 

I would love to hear from you and your plan for summer 2024. 

Till next month, 


Founder – Peony & Magnolia