Day 1 – Leap of Faith

23rd Sept 2019

Wow, there are only 100 days left of 2019! I am not usually a big fan of a countdown; I have no desire to wish time away and I do try and appreciate the small 24 hours of the here and now and find a little bit of positive every day. So, keeping that all in mind I have decided that for the remaining 100 days to focus on sharing my journey of setting up my own company and branching out as a HR Freelancer. I have set this challenge for myself, as I want to capture the highs and lows and see how much I am able to achieve in this time.

Of course I have a fairly good idea of what I want to achieve, I am a detailed planner and worked in HR for over a decade so this comes as second nature, but it is the unknown elements and surprises that I can’t control that I think will make this experience fun and exciting. And let’s face it, I am already putting myself outside of my comfort zone, even the concept of a HR blog made me giggle, I am not the savviest when it comes to a social media campaign! However, I recognised this was a great way to start as I mean to go on and I am a good communicator, so this is me taking a leap of faith and just committing.

More on this in the next few days!

So; that is it, this is day 1 of the Peony & Magnolia journey.. #challenge #HR #100days