Day 10 – Juggling

2 Oct 2019

Today I have donned multiple hats and juggled many balls. That makes me sound a bit comical and I am sure I looked it at times. Before we had even left the house this morning, the building work started, meaning quick decisions and checks against the plans and chats about the work. A quick school run which had 3 perfect elements, it didn’t rain, we got a space and children both near the front of the queue, all meant I swiftly headed off for my first day.

Then I hit the first hurdle, traffic! A detour along the M25 meant I arrived near enough on time. Now I am the sort of person which means arriving dead on the time means I am late, I like a good ten-minute buffer, so this was annoying, but I acknowledged out of my control.

The rest of my day was a bit of a blur with the HR hat firmly in place; I had back to back meet and greets starting with the CEO and absorbed as much information as possible. The company was welcoming, and the fit is perfect with a leadership team who supports the people agenda; all a great starting point.

So, as the day nears an end and I look at the achievements, the build is one day further on, both children are sound asleep and tomorrow I will no longer be the new girl.

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