Day 14 – Same Same but Different

6 Oct 2019

A discussion today made me think about how we all approach so many things in different ways and at the end of the day, that is ok. I always say it, but everyone is unique, and it is always amazing how adaptable people can be.

During this conversation, I was able to laugh at my physical reaction (a mini panic on their behalf!)  due to someone’s last min approach to their to do list. This is not my comfortable style, and would go as far to say, polar opposite, but it works for them and evidently, very well.  I have worked next to the very capable @Donna who relished in a post it notes, a system that looks chaotic to the outsider but worked incredibly well for her and who was also able to execute a plan brilliantly.

Again, as Sunday comes around my mind goes to the week as I sit on the sofa with a laptop and my plan. I know some things will get moved around as I have another 7 days ahead and the unknowns to navigate but like a comfortable blanket and warm cup of tea, I know 80% will get achieved simply because, well I was the plan maker.

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