Day 15 – Value

7 Oct 2019

I have spent most of the day getting Peony & Magnolia’s systems set up. I’ve been head down, music on and in the zone!

As the systems are all from scratch it takes a while, but I know it is worth doing it right the first time and how much easier it will make my future life.

Working in a SME with little or few systems initially, a lot of the HR function I established started on an excel spreadsheet. I will be forever grateful to @Claire who is a whizz on excel, well any system she turns her hand to if I am honest. We have worked together on a few occasions and in a heartbeat would have her part of the Peony & Magnolia family. Together we worked out what our future needs would be and designed what we needed our data to capture and made the information work for us so when it came to review MI we had it at our finger tips.

I’ve had so many conversations in HR about how we quantify time, how do we validate what we do, how do we add value to a business. I agree this can be hard, but a good People team adds tons of value to any company. Focus on the commercial aspects of HR and by default the HR service offered to a company speaks for itself.

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