Day 16 – Perseverance, what does it mean to you?

8 Oct 2019

Just as well perseverance is a Peony and Magnolia value. After the disasters of traffic woe’s last week, I decided to ‘cross country’ to my client today. Well thanks to Sat Nav, I now feel very with one with the Hertfordshire countryside thanks to the detours down single-track country roads, having to navigate tractors and blind bends. One of the very trusted members of my family is my Mini named Madge and just as well she is a 4×4 version! With gritted teeth I managed to survive and walked into the office dead on time. #success

All day I was head down, pen in hand and ideas flowing and have managed to produce a 1 pager brief ready for tomorrow’s meetings which I am heading up. #persistence

My son competed at school at a cross country event which was muddy, fun and exhausting followed with football practice which resulted in a happy, filthy and very hungry boy who in his own words, ‘doesn’t think his body was ready for so much sports today!’ #Grit

My daughter demonstrated this outstanding value today as well, it manifested in #stubbornness but then when you are nearly 5, trying on half your wardrobe, being strong willed and having heaps of tenacity is standard and very lovable.

#challenge #100days #HR