Day 17 – The moon

9 Oct 2019

Driving home tonight my daughter (4 yrs) remarked that the moon was very bright, this sparked my son (7 yrs) to then ask, are solar panels charged by the moonlight? Good questions I responded, lets think about this logically.

Daughter- well the sun comes out in the day and moon at night. Correct

Son- well the moon is made up of dust and, things like that, and the light reflects on to it, I don’t think is comes from it. Correct

We all then look at the moon and can see the grey areas and how clear it is to see even though so far away. Once we are snuggled up in PJ ready for stories, we look at good old google just to validate our thinking. My son was right, it’s light is reflected so as such can’t project back to the solar panels. We a are all pleased.

I love these types of conversations, no question is a silly one, no answer is wrong, we are all happy and trust that we listen to each other and consider each other’s contribution. We are in a safe space to be able to talk ideas through. These surely are the foundations of any good team and relationship.

Plus it made me a very proud mum (39 yrs) to be part of indeed.

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