Day 19 – What’s my role?

11 Oct 2019

It’s 5.30 on a Friday and as always, I have spun many plates but absolutely loved it. This has included singing along to harvest festival songs, running to meetings, taking calls in taxi’s and then a very long and lovely extended lunch, discussing my brand image and meeting new people.

The question often asked when you meet people for the first time is, ‘so what do you do?’ Good question! Which role do you default to? As it turns out I tend to always go work first but I guess that is the easiest to explain. I saw a brilliant campaign by PPS, South Africa last year which had statements which tested the use of association and language assigned to professional females;  

‘She belongs in a kitchen ….. Because she is a dietician’

‘She always overthinks everything …. Because she’s an engineer’

‘She likes to argue’….. Because she is a lawyer’

One of Peony and Magnolia values is to empower, I strongly feel that this goes across all genders. It is often aligned with feminism but for me, to feel empowered in whatever role you have at that point in time is hugely important. Next time I am asked the question I might just answer my role is to be simply, just Alice.

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