Day 2 – So, why call my company Peony & Magnolia?

24th Sept 2019

I’m not a massive fan of gardening or really ever hankered after being a florist, my hay fever wouldn’t cope, (!) but to put it simply, the symbolisation and meaning behind the two flowers represented so many of my values and principles, that I felt it really reflects me and who I am. My approach to managing people and HR has always started with values and questioning the norm. What do I consider to be the right approach, how would I want to be treated or managed, what do I find attractive from a company? What attracts me, what will retain and gain my loyalty? What environment do I grow and develop best in? And of course, as any good HR bod would do, I sat down and defined the company’s values as this is at the heart of how I intend to work with clients going forward;

To be Noble To always Persevere To Empower and to be Empowered To always show Compassion

Oh, and peonies and the magnolia tree are two of my most favourite plants, their flowers are striking, so when something fits and makes sense, then you just need to trust your instincts and go for it. Very much looking forward to seeing the brand image unfold and have some ideas being cultivated behind the scenes as I speak! #challenge #100days #vision #HR #growth