Day 22 – Moments of time

14 Oct 2019

Without sounding ridiculously positive, I have tried to focus today on the tiny blocks of time, the 60-minute windows that make up a day and make the most of each one.

I think I woke up feeling ready to take on the day, instead of pressing snooze, I got up and made the most of a sleeping house. The slow cooker on, dinner is simply doing its thing as I know we have 1 x 60 mins between children clubs this evening. Planning ahead and taking stress out of that particular slot makes me feel fairly smug!

After the school run, I managed a ‘quick hi’ with a friend and then went for a run. In that 1 x 60 mins, I put my thoughts together for the week. I noticed the turn of the season and sparked off my thoughts about time passing and importance of really making the most of it. I know from about 4pm today life goes into a blur of routine for 4 hours, not wasted just passing by like a blink.

I am focused on my to do list and have another catch up at 2, again that 1 x 60 mins is being juggled by us both with work, but it is doable and well overdue.

How do you intend to focus on the day?!

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