Day 23 – Connections & Fit

15 Oct 2019

Imagine yourself as a piece of a jigsaw, a colourful odd shaped square that has a huge purpose in life.

In order to fit into the wider picture, you need to potentially be picked a few times, considered, put back down, turned around and considered again, not the right shade of blue, wrong curve, so almost right but not perfect.

You might be a bit lost, caught between the folds of the box waiting to be discovered.

You have been fixed with a bit of sellotape to stay together (after a traumatic experience of being squeezed into the wrong gap!) but still very much needed, even if you now look a bit different to the other pieces.

You might have been connected to a few other pieces, sitting waiting to be added to the bigger picture but still out on the sideline, eager to join the crowd.

Whatever stage you are at;

Use your connections.

Stay positive you will find your right fit.

Remember you are part of something bigger even if can’t see it today.

We are all part of a greater whole and once you find it, you just know it is right.

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