Day 27 – Sliding Doors

I was sat on the train today as headed off for some retail therapy, this is the same route I used to take when I worked at Sony Ericsson and made me start to reminisce. I spent hours going back and forth listening to conversations. Today a lady laughed like Jennifer Saunders which kept making me smile!

At the time they were building the platforms for Westfield and I remember seeing the station develop and I am now sat here waiting for the train home again. It’s made me think that at that point in time I had no idea what my future held.

My time working at Aspin taught about the Rail industry, I look around and wonder if any of my colleagues worked on the development or installed the seat I am perched on.

I absolutely didn’t have a ‘conventional’ route into HR. I haven’t selected an industry to work in and love that I’m able to be adaptable depending on the environment I am in. I did know I wanted to work in HR when I was about 18, a great conversation at the time with a 6th form teacher made me see that this is something I could love. Having the time to wait for the train has given me time to reflect on how much I have achieved, my past self wouldn’t have a clue as she passed daily what the future really held.

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