Day 28 – Enabling

20 Oct 2019

Today I drunk tea and talked, a lot! It makes me chuckle that the term ‘tea and tissues’ used to be considered all the HR function was there for.

My talks today were all really positive ones, @Sam and I, with our spider diagrams and ability to just click back into talking even though a good few months since we shared a summer lunch and glass of bubbles together. We have both come a long way since then and sparked my thoughts for the day. We were discussing how its was just natural to be able to read people, empower others and somehow without any great grand design, have an impact and be good at what we do. We just needed to see that we had travelled that journey and have the skills and experience we have worked so hard to gain over the last decade.

My afternoon was talking to 2 genuinely lovely people. They enabled me to work full time when my son was just 1 years old, they played a big part in my and his life and were so much more than childminders. There are some people who you meet in life who you know instantly will be part of it going forward and have a positive impact.

The evening was finished with a long run, head down pushing myself a little further and faster each time for no other reason than I was in a zone.

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