Day 3 – Nurturing relationships

25th Sept 2019

September has always been a positive month for me, and I used the summer months to rest and focus but most importantly I talked, a lot! It is so important to maintain, nurture and feed relationships and build a strong network, be it family, friends or colleagues, as getting this right means that there is always someone to support you when you need it and to keep you on the right path. I picked the brains, questioned and listened to some lovely people over the summer months who happily shared their experiences and advice. Some are old friends and some new connections but all have helped peony & magnolia come to life. Thanks for the coffees/wine/ chats… Paul, Lindsey, Ruth, Jason, Celeste, Iain, Annabel, Donna, Alex, Claire, Gordon, Paul, Peter, Jeni.

You were all able to help me find the focus and motivation I needed. #relationships #challenge #100days #HR #networking