Day 30 – Energy

22 Oct 2019

I used a sentence today, ‘Let’s ignore attention seeking behavior, applaud the good things instead and make sure we put our energy the right way’. This was actually in a non-work-related context, however for every manager out there, for every HR professional, how much time is wasted working through the ‘bad’ when it should be focused on the ‘good’?

How many hours do you spend, managing poor performance v developing talent? Count the amount of conversations you have had to solve issues which are down to poor behaviour instead of recognising those who go above and beyond? The energy that goes into investigations, disciplinaries and monitoring outcomes v PDP’s, objectives and celebrations.

How can businesses move forward to flip these around and build a positive, performing culture, by simply investing in their People, by listening and having a continuous development attitude, where ideas and solutions are listened to. Practically of course, you need to move out those people who aren’t part of the journey and this is painful at times, however in my experience often necessary.

As I sit and work this evening, I will focus on the positives and the tiny ticks off the to do list. I might even award myself a smiley face if I get them all done!

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