Day 31 – Compassion

23 Oct 2019

To always show Compassion. Why is this important value to hold?

I would like to say that I am always able to view work situations with this in the back of my head, this doesn’t make me ‘fluffy HR’ this makes me human. I can deliver a difficult message but do it with consideration. I can show kindness through a redundancy situation but still hold firm the business objectives. I have an empathy with people that doesn’t make me weak, it makes the relationship I have with them stronger.

When looking at the values of Peony & Magnolia, I had a strong pull towards wanting to demonstrate that as a company we care. We care abut the level of service we offer. We care about the relationship with our clients and fundamentally, we care about people, our own and our clients.

As I head into planning mode for 2020, I will be looking for others to join the Peony & Magnolia family. If you genuinely have a passion for people and are able to demonstrate you can work to the same core values, I would love to hear from you.

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