Day 32 – Another busy day…!

24 Oct 2019

I had some very valuable conversations with leaders today, which always gets the cogs in my head turning and I need to remember to chunk the ideas into manageable pieces of work. HR initiatives are all about timing to make sure they have the right impact, many a time they have been put back on the shelf, dusted off and revisited so I will reflect and regroup the brain cells a bit and come up with a plan.

In other news, I managed to forget one of my children’s after school clubs was cancelled but with a bit of collaborative working with another mum, we juggled two sets of children and a mini crisis plan came together, meaning all children were happy and I managed to survive another day in mum mode, unscathed.

I’ve had a quick food refuel and now a much-needed glass of wine as I pull the end of the day together and take the time to stop, feeling, well, just a little bit exhausted.

The best thing I was told today was; nice people deserve nice things. This was directed at me and the timing was perfect. It grounded me a little and gave me the boost I needed to keep powering through the day.

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