Day 33 – A bit of a paradox

25 Oct 2019

Today my diary became clearer than planned, but that’s ok, it gave me time to procrastinate.

I knew if I had sat down to finish off some wording for the website I would have got frustrated as head wasn’t tuned into it, if I had started some Admin I would have got distracted online and spent money spontaneously. I thought about a run, changed my mind and then regretted it as might have kick started me, so instead, I decided to knock out the hearth on the fireplace.

Yep, with my lovely red nails I crashed and bashed away with a heavy hammer and loved every minute of it.

Sometimes, you need to do something outside of the norm to help refocus, plus I like being a contradiction at times. In fact, one of my favourite words is ‘oxymoron’. Today I feel like I am living a constant one.

I am sure by the time this evening comes and I am sat back down after the next few crazy hours of life that will start shortly, I will get inspiration and the focus will be back and I will have a little silent scream (!)  that I have wasted so many hours in the day!

#challenge #100days #HR