Day 34 – The lonely mouse

26 Oct 2019

Yesterday I caught the pause for thought on Radio 2 and was thinking about it this morning. The whole house was asleep, tired children and curled up sleeping cats, but I was wide awake and thinking. As soon as I stir, the rescue cats, Harry & Meg, seize the chance to purr in my ear and hassle me for food.

They came to our home last year, having been found in a garden and it is one of the best additions to our family. It means that myself and the children are never lonely, even if we are alone. When I work at home, they are often just sat asleep by my feet or greet us when we come home. Harry joins us for bedtime stories which amuses the children.

The topic was around being lonely and that is was in ‘everyone’s compass’ to be gracious to others. I like that thought and will take that with me. If you are interested why today is called the lonely mouse, you can listen again;

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