Day 35 – Dreams & Fate

27 Oct 2019

I recently found a notebook which had my first grand business plan mapped out in. I clearly remember being sat in Sarawak, at the end of my year of travelling, on my own mapping out a book shop business.

I had logged all the books I had read in the year, where I had exchanged them, which youth hostel I had found it, which book shops I may have purchased it from. I was planning to start small, a market stall, selling second hand but also having an exchange system. I even looked into getting an old library bus at one point or canal boat so I could be mobile! I had a name and a vision.

There was an amazing book shop in Bondi, Gertrude and Alice, I had earmarked in it my Lonely Planet and visited it often when living in Sydney, this was my inspiration.

Then reality kicked in. When I returned to the UK I ended up buying my first house and responsibilities such as mortgages took over. My career started and the rest is history.

However, when I sat down and mapped out Peony & Magnolia, the thought processes and planning were very similar. The difference is, this time I have committed and ironically have more responsibility then I did in my early 20’s. I guess life it is all about timing and a bit fate and maybe in 15 years’ time I will be setting up that book shop after all.

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