Day 39 – Pumpkins

31 Oct 2019

Halloween at last, I’ve been waiting to share this divine image with you and thanks to the very talented lady Suzi, who agreed!  Have a peak at her other gorgeous work –

Suzi, myself and many others are working mums, running our own businesses and balancing it all, (most of the time) effortlessly.  A lot of my contacts and networks are in the same position and I love that I can be part of it, not just mum’s but dad’s too who balance work/ family and life so very well.

Today is also the eve of my daughter’s birthday, this time 5 years ago I was walking around the zoo, looking a little like a pumpkin myself, slightly irritated that she was overdue. I worked up to her due date, hey my brain still worked, even if it took me a little longer to get up the stairs. This time of year will always remind me of that period of time, juggling 2 little one’s practically single handed and surviving.

Getting a solid network of people around you, be it for work or pleasure, or simply because you like them is invaluable. I have said it before but the net around you supports you when you least expect it so make sure you nurture those relationships.

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