Day 4 – Weaknesses

26th Sept 2019

A dear friend sent me a coffee gift card recently, we have spent days sat together chatting and putting the world to rights over the last 20 years, so here I am sat having a coffee on her, typing away. We met at Uni where I had already decided HR was my ‘thing’ and was studying the foundations of what I do now do as second nature. How many times do I pull back on those theories and business models and unconsciously use them in the everyday?

As it turns out, more than I realise! Only this week I was asked by a member of a leadership team, what do I recognise as my own weaknesses? I suppose it made me ponder that I have in fact been doing a SWOT on myself recently; scribbling away ideas, preparing to present myself and my strengths in new environments, seizing the opportunities and understanding my limitations. I love a plan and can now see that some of my ‘weaker points’, are because I have failed to invest in my own development, it is already 10 years since I closed the books and completed my MA! Now classed as opportunities, and within 12 months they will be a strength.

If you are interested, I answered that I occasionally have a low tolerance level and I repeat in my head: ‘Teeth and Eyes Alice, Teeth and Eyes!’ #challenge #100days #HR #development