Day 41 – Goals

2 Nov 2019

As it is now Saturday evening, time to settle and think about the day and what I’ve achieved. I haven’t focused on work as such but comments and feedback on the website have been full of encouragement which has been really lovely to receive.

So, to today; I watched the Rugby at my sister’s new house, along with my brother in law’s family, which regardless of the outcome was a great way to start the day. Coffee and piles of breakfast, children playing all dressed in red, white and blue and I hope the first of lots of new memories for them in their new home. Memory Goals 1!

I spent some time trying hard to get some order in the house and even though it is only for a few days, I do feel like I am camping in my living room, just instead of being surrounded by a lovely view, I have the new kitchen, in boxes around me. Countdown to new, functioning kitchen…7 days, she says with a hint of optimism!

Having set my own goal of trying to run 10km at least once a week, I thought, why not on a day which is a mini storm. So, before it got too dark, head down, in the rain I ran.

Today I decided to run without music as I find it helps pull thoughts together, and I am conscious there are some flying around which need to be pinned down. The outcome, I’ve decided I want to address these all before I head into a new week so can start with a clear mind.

Now, I don’t care much for the pace or the stats around the run, although my Garmin does tell me this. Well, today it ‘sort of’ did, as it paused at 50 mins, I can remember the buzz and I checked it and thought should be home within the hour. Just as well I don’t mind too much a watch telling me what I have achieved, as today it didn’t complete the run with me. I walked through the door with a sense of achievement that, I could have turned the TV on, found a glass of wine and sat craning my head around a box, but instead I motivated myself. Alice 1: TV 0

So now, I will finish off a few bits, get organised for tomorrow and switch off with the simple goal of having some Alice time.

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