Day 44 – Writers block?

5 Nov 2019

A blank page can be fairly daunting, believe me, trying to find thoughts to share on a daily basis sometimes come easily, sometimes even if I know what I want to write about, words simply just don’t flow. 

Today’s topics that have flashed through my head were all firework related! I’ve considered applying this analogy to employee conversations, to celebrations, to history and disregarded quickly the thought pathway that went political.  I have metaphorically screwed up the bit of paper and thrown it away.

New thought process, topical HR, scan the BBC and see if anything is inspirational. The news about Mothercare being in Administration struck a chord as it was only July when Aspin Group, whom I worked for went through this process. It was really harrowing for all my old Aspin colleagues and we were all forced to rethink and start again and deal with the loss of a company we all loved. It is barely 4 months since and I have seen so many success stories and people starting new jobs that this is a real testament to the people.

Next thought, what have I achieved today… well I have been into a client I have been working with since the start of October. I really feel that there is a great fit with Peony & Magnolia, I can see so many pieces of work that excite me over the next few months that I feel that it is a great match for them and me.

I finished the afternoon with a cuddle from a 5-day old baby and suddenly everything is in perspective. Right there, a tiny new person’s life ready to learn, develop and explore and as I type I look back and have filled today’s post, simply with thoughts, memories and experiences.

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