Day 45 – Senses

6 Nov 2019

I can say today, all 6 of my senses were on alert, and yes I do mean 6, as my intuition was the main one guiding me, like a compass all day.

I woke up early, way before sun rise and the sight of seeing a cold, frosty and fresh morning appear gradually was amazing. In that moment of calm before the craziness of a day beginning, I just stopped and took it in…. before being bought back to reality with a cat nudging me for food.

We all know that a touch from someone or something can change your mood. Be it a little person’s hand holding yours for reassurance, a gentle rub on an arm to let someone know you care or wrapping a cold hand around a hot mug. These are all reassuring gestures and often bring your thoughts back to the present. I think even though a smile isn’t physical, it has the same impact, sends a message of friendless, and I have been smiling at people all day, hopefully spreading a bit of happiness around!

My hearing was in overload today, so much so that I had to sit in a meeting room for a while to be able to focus.  The gentle hum of people working and talking was distracting me but in addition, there was a big sheet of bubble wrap being passed around for people to pop, for about an hour all I could hear was the gentle popping and giggles. A simple gesture of fun but my ears couldn’t block this out and I recognised my tolerance levels, swiftly I removed myself not to appear to be the misery in the room.

At the precise moment I am craving the smell of cooking. Food is fuel and not much fun at the moment, having reached 4 months without an oven and being so very close to having a kitchen again, the simple comfort of cooking and feeding my family from dinner made from scratch is so very close. As I sit this evening, surrounded by chaos, I am mentally working out what will be the first meals cooked over the next few weeks.

However, my main sense that kept me going all day was my gut feeling. My intuition really helped me frame some conversations today and hopefully the people on the receiving end could see this as I wasn’t simply giving my HR knowledge, I was constantly (unconsciously) adjusting to their needs, simply by listening and I really do hope that these conversations had a positive impact.

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