Day 49 – Remembrance

10 Nov 2019

It is Sunday evening and soon I will begin my planning for the week ahead but before I do, I guess my mind has been looking back more today, reflecting on memories.

We attended the local remembrance service today and I am always overwhelmed at how many people there are. For myself and my family, we use the time to think about my grandparents who met on an army base, travelled the world together, raised their children in various countries and even settled eventually, close to a barracks so they could continue to be involved. They had many decades together and lived to a very good age and it is so very important to take the time to remember a generation who lived in an incredibly different period of history and helped carve out what we have today.

We also celebrated a family birthday, lunch, giggles and of course cake! 10 of us making new memories for the future generations.

And so, I will now turn my mind to tomorrow, a busy schedule of work ahead, juggling life in general, the house project, planning which trades will be in and out and setting the mini goals I want to achieve.

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