Day 5 – Recognition

27th Sept 2019

Today my son received Star of the Week, he is 7 and was slightly mortified to stand up in front of the whole school! He was recognised for his commitment to learning and completing tasks and a special mention from the Head for his impeccable manners. I know I felt proud seeing him receive it only a few weeks into the term and deep down he will have felt that sense of pride too.

Recognition, the simple act of acknowledgement; be this with a thank you, a well done or a smile to a stranger. We all know that the biannual process of sitting down and looking at development plans are helpful conversations starters, but the process of continuous review and recognition, is so much more beneficial. We need processes and tools to help structure talent, to help guide the culture and develop people strategies and be more effective leaders. But when did you last simply say thank you? There is a wonderful café I go to that works on the basis that you pay what you can afford and has a #payitforward scheme. The domino effect of a simple smile or thank you, often sets or shifts the tone of the day for someone.

As we head into the weekend, I challenge you to spread a little positive recognition and make someone’s day a little happier. #challenge #100days #HR #recognition