Day 50 – Halfway!!!

11 Nov 2019

Well this is exciting news, 50 days into the #100days.

Now I guess this comes down to your perception, am I halfway up the mountain, looking up to the summit, which I can just about see in the top of the clouds. Or, have I made it to the top and am I looking down at the winding path, in the distance I can see a pub with a pint and a packet of crisps waiting for me!

I prefer to think that I am just sketching the first part of the journey on the Peony & Magnolia map. That this section is being added to each day with a new path and road sign giving me direction and that in fact the big piece of blank paper is an opportunity to fill. I have a few new people on my map already making up the community around me, I have reset my compass a few times to make sure I am heading in the right way and have explored a few dead ends.

Today, I have a new experience ahead of me. I am off to the University of Hertfordshire to explore the possibility of visiting lecturing and I have just had to dig out my MA certificate, noting it was dated 2009 made me feel instantly old! I am really intrigued what the session will bring and if it will be something I can do. It is stretching myself into a new arena and I will take it all as fate, but again, if I don’t explore it, I will never know.

For now, I am sat in my home office, with a hot coffee and I flip my head and focus to finalising a job description and recruitment plan for a new client. Another little section on the P&M map to add, I am really enjoying this project as I want to make sure at the end, they have an amazing HR offering in their company and I was able to influence that. Well that’s the plan anyway.

So, I have no idea how many more mountains or dead ends I might have as I add to the map, but I am hoping a few more pubs and friendly faces as I take on the last 50 days of 2019.

#challenge #HR #perception