Day 56 – What floated your boat today?

16 Nov 2019

I would love to say that I have a long list of things that have motivated me today, but I simply have let the day pass. I haven’t kept an eye on the time too much and for once I have really enjoyed it.

A lazy morning of tea and bacon sarnies kick started me to head to town, I grabbed a Starbucks, milled around the shops, waited for what felt like half the day in a phone shop to upgrade my poor phone that I dropped 2 weeks ago, obviously I decided to wait till peak time on a Saturday to sort this out!

Instead of being productive and going to one food shop to get all the ingredients I needed for dinner I did a few ad hoc shops, wasting a little more time unintentionally. And there you have it, half a day gone!

Now sitting and reflecting on it all with a glass of red, what out of the random day, floated my boat the most?

I think if I am honest, it is the interaction with the people I met. I helped a little girl who got lost for a while from her mum, I had a great chat with the lady in the phone shop and as always had messages back and forth with my nearest and dearest which have made me smile. I like sharing my time with people I like.

I haven’t smashed any goals today but at 8pm on a Saturday night, I feel a sense of achievement and contentment at the day that was.

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