Day 57 – Sunday Goals

17 Nov 2019

When a Sunday starts with a snooze, you know it is going to be a good one. This was followed by brunch and catching up with friends and some of the best poached eggs I have had for a long time!

I have cleaned, cleared, cleansed and created a bit more resemblance of a home again and the decluttering process has somehow mirrored itself in my head. As I was going along, I scribbled on a post it the thoughts of the jobs I need to do for work and some housekeeping tasks before the new week begins. The thoughts are no longer bouncing around my brain and I can complete some this evening and get ahead of the game for Monday whilst I wait for dinner to cook.

I have let work creep in a little this weekend, but I have tried very hard to not fill my time with working versus recharging. I needed to recharge a bit and am amazed at how many people I know seem to have been hit with the same flu bug and like me, had to take time off to recover instead of keeping going. One friend said she had to take her first ever sickness day in 16 years!

I do have a sense of achievement today as I look around, I am actually sat at last in my new kitchen, laptop on, music keeping me company and I am in the process of setting up my fancy pants new phone, most of the features will be lost on me I am sure. One of my favorite phones was the Sony Ericsson C902. I loved this phone, the camera on it was brilliant and I learnt all about it back in my SE days. I was so very reluctant to give it up but did drag myself into the ‘smart’ phone era much later than everyone else.

Sometimes simple things are much more satisfying and maybe I will take that thought with me as head into next week. The KISS approach; ha, this always makes me remember a very lovely retired FD, who once told this was the way he approached the finance committee in his previous corporate life when numbers were over explained…. I don’t think you would could blurt it out in a board meeting of today, but the principle is still very true.

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