Day 60 – Leadership

20 Nov 2019

As I sit and take a break from report writing, I have relocated to my kitchen table and away from my desk for a fresh perspective and a coffee and I am now having a think about what type of leader I actually am. I’m not talking about what ‘box’ I would be put in, but have I spent time thinking about my own style or has it just evolved.

Did I even mean to become a leader…? I don’t think so, I like building relationships and seeing people grow but I am not sure how I ended up being HRD level and do wonder if one day I will wake up and realise things were a bit of a dream! *

I know I have headed up teams that respect me, I know this because they told me. They respected my integrity and ability to always take ownership for my own actions and the teams. I know they respected me as I did them and their contribution, to develop a successful HR and Training team.

I care, I care for people and it motivates me to do the right thing. That is either to develop, nurture or in some cases manage people out, as sometimes this is actually the best and kindest option.

I don’t think I am that conventional from a HR point of view, I have said before that I am a bit of contraction and I like the geekiness I possess, and this comes as a surprise to some people. I look softer than I am but happy to deliver a challenging message if I believe in it.

I guess that is it, if I can relate and I believe in what I am doing then I excel at ‘leading’ others. I need to take people with me on the journey as it is pretty lonely doing it on your own and really, what is the point of it all without a team.

*disclaimer… I am a proper HR bod and there was a bit of a plan to life!

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