Day 61 – Mini Challenge

21 Nov 2019

If you were to set yourself a mini challenge between now and this evening, what would it be?

I have 30 small minutes today to blog, since 6.15am the day has flown. I have spent the majority of today at a client’s office, I am only there 3 days a week but really enjoy going in, seeing the team and do feel like I am becoming part of their routine too. I don’t eat when I am there, surviving on coffee and this is purely so I can make the most of the time and be my most productive.

I know this evening I have a lot of work to do for a new client I secured today so need to ‘binge’ on their paperwork and policies that I know are sitting in my emails as next week is back to back for 5 days. This brings positives as well as negatives juggling so many things and I was piecing this together on my drive home what to tackle first. It doesn’t phase me at all, in fact I am enthusiastic about the prospect of it all.

For now, I have managed to claw back a small window of time, the heating is now on and I decided the only way forward for dinner tonight is a big roast dinner. Yep, I do know it is Thursday but there is nothing more comforting than yummy food and a warm house, especially as it is suddenly so very cold outside and will be dark just gone 4pm!

I know I need to priorities my tasks this evening as my ‘no work after 9pm’ rule is being pushed too much. I need to sit and watch rubbish TV and switch off a bit so that is my own mini challenge. If you know me personally, text me if simply to remind me that I hate to lose a challenge, especially one I have set myself!

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