Day 63 – Strike!

23 Nov 2019

On a wet Saturday afternoon, we met up with friends and went bowling. All the children did very well and encouraged each other, cheered and giggled when the adults (me mainly!) kept missing.

There was an element of competition, but in fact it didn’t matter too much who won as it was a shared experience and we made another memory.  The girls helped get the balls ready for their older brothers and there were lots of high fives between them all. We don’t see these friends all the time, but we book in and try and see each other every few months. The boys met at nursery, age 2 and have been firm friends since. I have a friend like this, we met at the age of 3 and our lives bump alongside each other and she is one of my dearest friends. I can’t explain why, other than she is intertwined into my life and I know it will always be this way.

To keep the ‘balance’ I have refrained from looking at work emails but did buy myself a little bottle of bubbles to toast another really successful week of Peony & Magnolia. I am a bit flabbergasted at times how well it is coming together but really motivated to make it work. Adding more clients to the database means there is work well into the second half of 2020. This is really encouraging and opens up so many opportunities for some of my fab HR connections to join the P&M family.

Right, for now, I have a cat who is curling herself around the laptop with a very strong hint for food so that is my cue to log off.

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