Day 64 – Sunday (Again)

24 Nov 2019

I could talk about my fun day with the children, the very nice lasagna I made for tea and the letters to Father Christmas which are now written. But I’m not going to.

My head is now into planning for this week, I am interviewing for a new role for a HR Manager tomorrow. I have supported the process so far with scoping out the role, writing the JD, liaising with the client’s recruitment partner and all I need to do now is one final review of the CV’s to refresh my mind. As with all interviews, you have no idea until you meet the person if they are right for a role and the challenge tomorrow will be to find someone who is the right fit for the client. I set a fairly tough set of questions and presentation topic as I know how invaluable it is to have a brilliant HR Manager at the helm. This role also requires a set up of a function, from experience you need to be robust and tenacious to be able to see that challenge through.

The rest of the week is at my regular client again for 3 days and then a visit to South London to support a business owner navigate a tricky HR issue. There will be a lot of variety this week workwise as well as the normal juggle of children clubs, school demands and donations for Christmas fair to remember. I also have my son’s birthday so need to make a cake one evening too. There will be little time for anything else so postings this week might be short and sweet!

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