Day 67 -Warmer Climates

27 Nov 2019

I knew this week would be busy and I have tried to plan for it as much as possible but it is only Wednesday and I am feeling a bit jaded. Maybe it is the miserable weather that is getting to me! I always joke that I should rotate between hotter climates, like a migrating bird, head towards the sunshine.

I also joke that heat must be in my blood, what a random saying that is but maybe there is truth in it. My heritage is a huge mixture of cultures of which I am really proud of.  One side has Anglo Indian heritage mixed with German, (what a mix that is) the other is from St Helena and goes back generations. I loved the directness of my grandmother; she never minced her words and was the most tenacious women I have ever met! I am sure if I did one of those DNA tests there would be more countries added into the mix and that’s exactly what makes us all unique! The other influences are of course from my incredible stepdad who may not be blood but has steered me through so many situations that I would have been a bit lost without him.

I try and encourage all the time people to see beyond the colour of skin, the heritage and background and see what a person has to offer. I love the eclectic mix of cultures and experiences and this makes for a unique contribution of a workforce. In fact, this week I had a conversation related to reminding a line manger that a recruitment process must be fair and why this was important. This is just a lack of understanding v prejudices but is so very important.

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