Day 68 – Time

28 Nov 2019

Today is a special day for me, it’s the day I was promoted to Mum status, the hardest and most demanding title in the world. I have very strong memories of calling my grandparents, both have since passed, to tell them the news. My son was born on my grandfathers birthday and this was complete fate. The joy in his voice and relief that we were both ok and healthy will stay with me forever. They had a very special bond and a twinkle in their eyes when together.

Time is a funny one…. It can pass too quickly or slowly, it helps heal, it allows someone to grow and journeys to unfold. If I reflect on the periods of time I have been through I am amazed at the inner strength I have found at times to wade through. Other times I look back with a fondness but still stop to appreciate them and what they have added to my life.

I’ve said it before, investing in people, throughout the good and bad times will form a bond with the company that increases loyalty and retention. Small, everyday gestures, a hello, a considered response and being understanding when people need extra support go a very long way. Just like the role of ‘Mum’ evolves everyday, the stages of an employee life cycle shift and move and the more you invest in this, the more return you will get.

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