Day 69 – Owning it

29 Nov 2019

Have you ever made a decision which you know is controversial? I absolutely have but it will have been considered and for the greater good.

Have you challenged a decision as you know it is wrong and if you don’t speak out you know you will regret it? Again, yep… I have and sometimes it is from your gut and sometimes it is considered and framed in the right way, either way, it was the right thing to do.

Regardless of the outcome, as long as you did it with conviction and a belief upholding any values, then it was the right thing to do. I applaud you as not so many people ‘do’, they talk about it, regret it, but don’t physically commit.

I have seen it so many times that senior teams need to be braver. This is my brutal side kicking in, but people get paid to do a role, a job, make a difference and every single person, regardless of their level or role should ‘own it’ and contribute. It isn’t rocket science and as a HR bod of course I pull on my experience and learning but at the end of the day, businesses can only survive if everyone is working to an end goal and effective in the way they work.

If you sat and made a list of conversations you wish you were a bit braver in, situations you wanted a different outcome from and on reflection you should have influenced in a different way, then if you are faced in the future with similar situations, push yourself a little out of you comfort zone and say what you think. You may surprise yourself how empowering it actually is!

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