Day 70 – Friendships

30 Nov 2019

Last night I met with some old colleagues from Aspin for a curry and catch up. The last time I saw them was a sad day as we closed the door on a company that really cared and we were losing more than our jobs, we were losing a work family. That does sound terribly fluffy HR, but it is true.

What was the most refreshing and genuinely lovely, was as soon as we saw each other we clicked back into the banter, the connections, reminiscing over memories and little quirks we all had. That level of comfortableness with people who you work with doesn’t happen in every job or company you pass through. We had a loyalty to the company and each other and if it is once a year we meet up and exchange stories then I think that connection will still be there. What was also great to hear is that we have taken what happened to us and turned it into a positive. We all have new jobs, well because we all need to pay mortgages, but are happy enough in what we have found, others have made decisions to start their lives in new places and have a focus on the future. A great evening with Barbara, Paul, Peter, Nicole, Damon, Rob and Tina, Lee.

Tonight, I’ve done the same, I have sat with a gin and some olives and had a couple of hours talking to Donna and again, been an absolute pleasure. It always is, be it over coffee or an alcoholic beverage!

If I could bottle that loyalty and connections and replicate it I would, I don’t know how you would measure it in a staff engagement survey as it is something that is second nature to us as we don’t have shared visions, policies and practices any more to link us, so I can only put it down to good old friendship.

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