Day 77 – Traditions

7 Dec 2019

Today, we continued some traditions we first established last year.

The first is squeezing a Christmas tree into a Mini alongside 2 children, it was tight, but all cargo was safety transported home and in one piece! There are so many places to pick from, but we like B&Q, now this is for no other reason than the very helpful assistant who is there.

Her name is Rebecca and she is always chatty, holds up trees for us to see and adds to the experience. Last year my son remarked how helpful she was and then added a question, which was totally innocent, ‘was that really a man dressed as a woman?’ The conversation that followed was around understanding people are all different, some identify as different genders throughout life and at the end of the day, it really makes no difference if it made that person happy.

On the visit today, again we talked about how helpful she was and then moved the conversation on to who was now strong enough to push the trolley with a large tree now in it!

The second tradition is about to happen, we are off to a Panto. It is supporting a local theatre company and is in a lovely traditional setting. I had to explain some nuances of why you shout, it’s behind you and the concept of the Dame. Again, tell the truth, explain clearly and children just accept it and move on.

Wouldn’t it be enlightening if it were this simple all the time.

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