Day 79 – Self-Care

9 Dec 2019

I’ve used the morning so far to get myself organised and a little self-care. I have just stopped for an hour, made the most of being at home and ticked off my list a few more of the ever-increasing things to do! This has helped clear my mind.

I have pre booked some appointments for myself in the run up to Christmas, to remind my future self to stop and enjoy. I am always at the bottom of my own list, so I’ve promoted myself a few steps up and when I am wearing the new dress, sipping a glass of bubbles and enjoying festive fun, I will be thanking myself of today for being so thoughtful.

There are so many materials and tools available to help you focus on self-care, be it physical, emotional or health related. Just google Well-Being and see what pops up. These are great to be able to help generate ideas and they only need to be tiny achievements;

So today these are the things I have done for myself, all small but have lightened my soul a little;

  • At last, had my car cleaned, in AND out!
  • Nails done  
  • Bought myself fresh flowers
  • Tidied the paperwork from desk
  • Purchased wine ahead of an evening catch up
  • Chatted with the guy on the tills, a little friendliness goes a long way

I intend to pass the self- care vibe on this afternoon to others, make someone laugh, give out a few hugs and remind others to stop and do something for themselves before they go to bed.

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