Day 8 – Engaging the right side of my brain

30 Sept 2019

Today I have had to focus, even with my super-duper weekly plan! The creative juices in my brain needed a kick start so over a tea with the very lovely June I was able to do just that. Maybe it was her creative work environment that rubbed off on me! I understand my vision, but I need to get it out of the little room in my head and articulate this and somewhere in between I need to find the words to do it.

If you think about learning, studies and theories like the VARK model, most people tend to recognise or be drawn to a particular learning style. I can listen but am not always able to retain information and then need to resort to looking back over notes I have made to jog my brain.

Detail is important to me and I need to make sure I have it right. My notes are often in a scribbled mess, or a diagram as then I have a visual to get back out my memory bank. There are archived boxes stored away of my notepads, all dated, recording information that I know I might need again at some point!

With a coffee, I have been busy generating ideas as I get nearer to finalising the peony & magnolia brand images and can feel the right side of my brain aching a little from the extra activity.

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