Day 80 – Courage

10 Dec 2019

Within a blink of an eye, the last few months have zipped past and we are already into the last 20 days of 2019, the last 20 days of my blog and that means 80 days into the Peony & Magnolia journey, and what an awesome trip it has been so far!

I had a great conversation last night with another HR bod and can see how our skills could complement each other and it looks like fate has meant that paths now cross and without having had the confidence to set up P&M we wouldn’t have a vehicle to make these visions become reality.

I have been in awe today of a stage full of little people, all dressed up in various outfits telling us the story of nativity. To see my daughter say her 2 lines, made my mummy heart swell. The courage they all had is amazing to perform in front of friends and relatives and you can’t beat Away in a Manger sung out of tune whilst sporting a tea towel on your head.

Courage; a determination to achieve, to hold your ground and grit your teeth and just get on it with.

Sometimes you need to ignore the noise around you, the doubters, the distracting annoyances and with a head held high, show the world you are set for business.

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