Day 82 – Consistency

12 Dec 2019

I know I’ve talked around integrity in other posts, but I cannot stress enough how important it is in HR to be consistent, fair and to lead with an intention to add value, every – single – day. There are so many decisions to make, solutions to provide and this week I’ve been thanked, more than once for doing simply that. Being consistent is so very important as it builds trust and that is the foundation to any form of relationship.

If you haven’t voted, go and make sure your voice counts. We live in hope that one day the leaders of this country demonstrate to us some of the positive qualities, instead of trying to knock spots off each other and do a final ‘vote for me’ road trip. Just do what you said you would in your manifesto and tell the blinking truth!

Going back to the idea of being consistent, there are some downfalls as well, if too stable, then you never wobble and take a risk. If too dependable, do people take advantage? You want to be reliable, but everyone is human, and mistakes happen. I guess the key is recognising WHEN the positive tips into the negative and how to adjust your own behaviours so you can be consistent at growing and developing yourself as you are the most ‘valuable asset’ you own.

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