Day 83 – Attraction

13 Dec 2019

I was reading yesterday about what future employees seek from a company. It was really fascinating as talked and reference back to the generational shifts, the importance to one era is so very different to the next and how do we plan for the next 20 years, with employees who haven’t yet been born.

It talked about what employees are expecting as a minimum now in terms of benefits. This then surely becomes less of a ‘benefit’ but an expected level and part of the agreement, for exchange of employment. I’m not talking benefits such as pensions, these were the extra’s which some companies will never be able to offer, unless the basic salary decreases. This is a worry as in my experience, most employees don’t understand or see the value in benefits they have access to today. The idea was that it increases productivity, the more fluidity there is to benefits, and choice the more engaged and productive an employee becomes. This isn’t a new concept, just packaged a little differently.

There was one quote that said employers of the future need to be ‘free from discrimination, harassment and bullying’. This should be employers of today, but we know that this is still a work in progress!  

It stated that employee’s need to feel empowered to bring ‘their whole selves to work’. Again, I think this comes down very much to finding the right cultural fit and selecting employers based on Values v salary and package. I can see that the recruitment of the future generations is going to be very different to today, in fact I see this already, that traditional attraction methods are shifting and a blended approach needs to be taken, depending very much on the generation you are trying to be noticed by.

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