Day 84 – Fate

14 Dec 2019

So, do you believe in fate? I have had a number of things happen to me today, which I can only put down to fate. The first saw me dash across to a place called Return to Glory, it supports a local hospice charity and I would much rather buy upcycled items where I can and I was able to get a pure bargain, to start at last furnishing the house for myself and the children. When I was there, I found a beautiful Christmas ornament which instantly reminded me of the traditional Christmas of my childhood, so surely that was a sign that maybe luck was on my side. Driving back, I was able to find a space on the high street, mid Saturday morning, right outside a coffee shop and opposite the bank which I needed to run into… again, fate!

As I drove home with my latte, a quick call into my parents, made me chuckle as they sounded like teenagers on a road trip and were a bit giddy with having had a great trip back to Lincolnshire, where they first met at school many moons ago. Again, their story has fate stamped all over it!

I have spent the afternoon, sat with old school friends catching up, this isn’t fate, this is because we actually like each other and make an effort to stay in contact, support each other and laugh as we go through the decades of life together.

I guess if you believe in setting your own destiny, you don’t believe in fate, but in my experience, some is luck, some is fortune that you don’t expect to come your way. The unexplained and coincidental has guided me today and it has been a great day so far.

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