Day 85 – House in order

15 Dec 2019

I haven’t thought about work at all today as I’ve been too preoccupied in getting my house in order, literally. Technically I have only managed to tackle 2 rooms, but boy, has it taken me hours, but I am at last happy with the results. Almost 5 months in and I have created a home for us, and it is exactly like I envisioned. There is more to do but taking the good old 80/20 rule, I can say it is almost there. I think the beer I have as I type is very well deserved. I must also add, I can’t stand cleaning so the fact I dedicated so much time to it really does show testament to my determination.

You often get asked in interviews, what is your biggest achievement or challenge faced? Pre children, I used to say Bungee Jumping, as I was the only person who was able to make myself jump, a ridiculous concept to fling yourself from a small ledge into a valley and pay for the luxury. Maybe to demonstrate perseverance, it was passing my driving test, (ahem 6 times!) as my brain just couldn’t work out a reserve around a corner!

As you go through life, you are faced with more and more challenges or achievements to add as examples. The reason I have been able to achieve the creation of my home, simply is because I overcame the biggest challenge I had faced so far in life and I think I can now say it is also my biggest achievement, to simply live life in a happy state. Cease the day people, you will be amazed what can be achieved when you set your mind to it.

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