Day 86 – Finish line in sight?!

16 Dec 2019

Unbelievably it is almost 8pm and I sit down for the first time today. I have been in super charged mode all day, I opted not to work on P&M today but to focus on getting ahead of the curve, and what a curve it is!! It is the final week of school; it should be cooling off the madness but has ramped up another gear. On top of normal things to remember this week, football kit/ forest school/ yoga this has also included the following;

  • X 2 Party clothes, one child to take it in, the other to wear it and take uniform. Not confusing at all and on 2 different days….. need to remember which is which!
  • Film afternoon- option to take something comfy to sit on! – 1 child only, not going to cause any issues at all on the morning of explaining why juniors get a film and infants don’t
  • Collect, wash out random rubbish bits for a science day, all of which will prob be passed down for modelling and come back covered in glitter and glue and I will NEVER be allowed to throw it away
  • Updating the online learning journal, my daughter insisted I took a photo of her outside a house covered in lights as her friends have and actually life is easier sometimes if you just do what a bossy 5 year old tells you!
  • Oh and to top it off…. 2 rounds of sandwiches for Beavers Christmas party (head explodes!)

I can tick off other achievements too, the house project so very close to the end and apparently, I can also run a business and have my 3rd client confirmed as a longer-term contract to kick off in January. Not bad, 3 retainers in 86 days and looks like 2020 will be very successful.

I would love to be able to say I have the energy to talk about juggling balls, working mum life, running own business, flexibility etc… but right now, I am planning to start the pile of ironing and watch some ‘chewing gum’ tv for my brain to recover.

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